Tomato Glasses Canada

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Tomato Glasses are comfortable, adjustable, and flexible glasses for babies and kids.

We have invested quality craftsmanship and design in each Tomato Glasses frame. Tomato Glasses have passed rigorous testing and are FDA and CE approved.

Tomato Glasses Canada Awards

Tomato Glasses have won awards and received INTERNATIONAL recognition in the category of best baby and kids frames

Tomato Glasses Canada, children's glasses and frame

Tomato Glasses Awards and Recognition

2019 – O=mega Excellence Award for children’s frame (Australia)

2017 – Finalist in ODMA 2017 Award of Excellence for Best Children’s Frame (Australia)

2016 – Nominated for Vision-X VP Award

2016 – Children’s Eyewear of the Year Award Winner (Japan)

2015 – Best Children’s Frame (Japan)

2014 – Kids Design Award Winner (Japan)

2014 – Good Design Award (Korea)

2013 – OptraFair Award Winner (Best Children’s Frame) (UK)

Tomato Glasses Canada TKBC2

Optometrist recommended and approved

“No other glasses have such unique features like Tomato Glasses that can custom fit a child’s face and suit their active lifestyles.”

Optician recommended and approved

“I provide Tomato Glasses at my optical because it is an excellent product that I am proud to stand behind.”

Tomato Glasses Canada, children's glasses and frame


We have received awards for best children’s frame because our frames provide the following features:

  1. Extremely lightweight:  Each Tomato Glasses frame weighs less than 8 grams, which is less than 2 credit cards.
  2. Completely adjustable: Tomato Glasses are fully adjustable. They have variable height nose pads and options, variable length temples, wrap around comfort ear pieces and headband.
  3. Silicone-grip technology: Resistant to slippage. Nose pads are made of silicone and cable ear pieces are made of rubber, which make Tomato Glasses comfortable and secure.
  4. Prescription designed: Tomato Glasses fit a wide range of prescriptions, solidly holding prescription lenses in proper position.
  5. Shape intelligence material: Tomato Glasses are robust to suit your child’s active lifestyle. They return to original shape after bending. Tomato Glasses do not break easily.
  6. Safe: Time and quality craftsmanship is invested into making each Tomato Glasses frame. Tomato Glasses have undergone rigorous testing to meet the demands that kids put on their glasses. Tomato Glasses are FDA and CE approved.

Tomato Glasses Canada, children's glasses and frameMORE INFORMATION ON TOMATO GLASSES CANADA

Please visit the Tomato Glasses Canada products page to view available Tomato Glasses models. Please visit About page to learn about Tomato Glasses history and design.

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