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TOMATO GLASSES is a story about the love of a parent for their child and the extremes they have gone to find the perfect fitting glasses…

Tomato Glasses were designed by Mr. Sungjoon Kim in South Korea in 2003.  His son was diagnosed with amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” and needed to wear glasses.  He searched for a pair of kids glasses that would fit his son, but he could not find glasses that would fit perfectly.

With love and care, Mr. Kim researched quality materials and designed a custom frame that would fit his son’s needs.  And here’s where Tomato Glasses began.  Tomato Glasses are unlike any other children’s frames in it’s unique features and customization.  They are made to suit the unique vision needs of children.


These children’s glasses are designed for babies up to the teenage years.  Tomato glasses are designed to be very lightweight and adjustable.  They are safe for kids, and have undergone rigorous testing and CE and FDA approval.

Tomato Glasses has received international recognition and awards for best fitting children’s frame.

Tomato Glasses TKAC3

Awards and Recognition for Best Children’s Frame

2019 – Omega Excellence Award for children’s frame -Australia

2017 – Finalist in ODMA 2017 Award of Excellence for Best Children’s Frame – Australia

2016 – Nominated for Vision-X VP Award

2016 – Children’s Eyewear of the Year Award Winner – Japan

2015 – Best Children’s Frame – Japan

2014 – Kids Design Award Winner – Japan

2014 – Good Design Award – Korea

2013 – OptraFair Award Winner (Best Children’s Frame) – UK

Tomato Glasses Awards

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Here is the story behind Tomato Glasses

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